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Vivio provides exceptional

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Simple Setup. Powerful Security

WordPress Hosting at Vivio isn’t your average WordPress Hosting experience. With simple setup, advanced security built-in to the service, and unparalleled SysOps Support, no other provider comes close. Experience the difference of working with a provider that is dedicated to your success.

No Term Contracts

Vivio's pricing is honest and up-front with no strings attached. You can cancel freely at any time.

Automatic Patching

Your WordPress install can be configured to install patches and updates automatically. Ask us how!

No Bandwidth Limits

Unlike other providers, Vivio does not impose any per-GB bandwidth limits on any of our website hosting plans.

Free Virus Scanning

Vivio includes free anti-virus scanning, anti-malware scanning, and patch notifications by default.

No Visitor Limits

Unlike other providers, Vivio does not impose any per-visitor limits. Resources are your only limit, which you control.

100% Uptime

Vivio's SLA provides you an astonishing 100% uptime guarantee. It's real, and it's guaranteed.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never settle. If you're unhappy with your Vivio account for any reason, simply cancel your account within 30 days for a full refund. No pressure. No risk. *Terms and Conditions may apply.

Backup Your Data Fast

Velocity Backups are powered by business-class SSD storage arrays - enabling you to backup, restore and manage your cloud backups faster than ever before.