The Cloudflare Global Network

Security, performance, and reliability for any website or application

Increase the security and performance of your website with the Cloudflare global network.

  • Serving 36 million HTTP requests per second
  • Data Centers in 275 Cities
  • In 100+ Countries

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a global network offering a wealth of features for improving security, speed and performance, and reliability for websites and applications. 

The Cloudflare setup process is fast, and it’s easy to use. In our experience, Cloudflare is one add-on tool that provides consistent, notable improvement for most websites. And it’s backed up with Vivio’s own SysOps Support.

Not interested in a paid plan? The Cloudflare Free plan is an excellent value!

Application Services

Cloudflare Plans

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Static Content Caching
Instant Full Cache Purge
Min Cache TTL Expiry
Client Max Upload Size (MB)
TCP Turbo
Cache Bypass On Cookie
Page Rules
Accelerated Mobile Links (AMP)
Async JavaScript Loading with Rocket Loader
Image Optimization with Polish
Mobile Optimization
Image Resizing
Unmetered DDoS Protection
Deploy Intelligence to Identify New Threats
Reputation-based Threat Response
Comment Spam Protection
Content Scraping Protection
DDoS Alerts
Universal SSL Certificate
Bring Your Own SSL Certificate
Cloudflare for SaaS
Custom SSL
WAF Rules
Firewall Rules - Regex
User Agent Blocking Rules
Zone Lockdown Rules
Cloudflare Managed Rules
OWASP Core Rulesets
Rate Limiting Rules
Rate Limiting Header Rules
Captcha/JS Challenge
Bot Fight Mode
Super Bot Fight Mode
Global Anycast DNS
Customer Nameservers
Wildcard DNS Record
Wildcard DNS Record Proxy
Waiting Room
Multi-User Administrative Access
Cloudflare API Access
Terraform Integration
Site, DNS Analytics
Cache Analytics
Site Analytics (resolution)
DNS Analytics (historical time)
Firewall Analytics (historical time)
Load Balancing Analytics (historical time)
Audit Logs
ISO 27001
SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3
Email Support
Chat Support
Internal Ticket Support Response Time
Uptime SLA
Uptime Service Credits

Cloudflare CDN Does your page load speed need a boost?

Faster Websites

Each visitor receives a customized delivery of your website content from the route location that’s closest to them, improving page load times and the overall performance of your site for visitors anywhere in the world. 

Easy Setup

Complete your account set up in minutes. Cloudflare’s user-friendly dashboard is simple to use. No technical savvy is required.


Cached content within the Cloudflare global network provides redundancy for your content if your website becomes overloaded or slow. 

Bandwidth Savings

Website visitors receiving cached content from Cloudflare instead of requests going through your hosting provider saves you bandwidth costs. 

Customized Services

Customize your account by adding the right tools for your website. When your website needs change, your Cloudflare tools can change right along with it. 

Stronger Security

Cloudflare’s network provides additional safety and resiliency from DDoS attacks by distributing the traffic across their anycast network instead of overwhelming your server with traffic. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never settle. If you're unhappy with your Vivio account for any reason, simply cancel your account within 30 days for a full refund. No pressure. No risk. *Terms and Conditions may apply.

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