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Vivio Commercial SSL

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Product Term Cost
Positive SSL Single Site (DV) 1-Year $15.00
Positive SSL Wildcard (DV) 1-Year $82.00
Positive EV SSL Single Site Certificate 1-Year $89.00
* additional Sectigo products available on request
Product Term Cost
RapidSSL Single Site (DV) 1-Year $17.00
RapidSSL Wildcard (DV) 1-Year $114.00
* additional RapidSSL products available on request
Product Term Cost
GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium (DV) 1-Year $56.00
GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium Wildcard (DV) 1-Year $195.00
GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID (OV) 1-Year $68.00
GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID EV SSL (EV) 1-Year $160.00
* additional GeoTrust products available on request
Product Term Cost
Thawte SSL 123 Certificate (DV) 1-Year $28.00
Thawte SSL Web Server (EV) 1-Year $149.00
* additional Thawte products available on request
DigiCert Standard SSL (OV)1-Year$139.00
DigiCert Extended Validation SSL (EV)1-Year$219.00
DigiCert Multi-Domain SSL (OV)1-Year$262.00
DigiCert EV Multi-Domain SSL (EV)1-Year$365.00

* additional Digicert products available on request

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