Classic Backup

Backups aren’t something that many people think about when choosing a web hosting partner. Frequently, the only time we even think about a hosting provider’s backup policy is after something terrible has happened, and we rely on those backups to fix it. You assume your hosting provider has a sound backup policy, but the reality may be very different. Often hosting provider backups are too old to be useful, or conversely, you needed the older backups, but they were deleted too early. At Vivio, we understand these frustrations, and that’s why we created the Vivio Classic Backup Policy.

Daily Backups which are retained for 14 days
Weekly Backups which are retained for 6 weeks

Should you wish to change this policy, you may do so at any time by logging into your backup control panel, which gives you full control over your backup schedules and retention. As your site grows, your backup space is automatically upgraded as you need it. That way you only pay for what you need.

Classic Backup

Managed Offsite Backup Service Plan SKU Additional Storage Cost /mo
Off-Site 50 GB Included Storage MBACK $0.15/GB $10.00
Off-Site 250 GB Included Storage MBACK $0.14/GB $30.00
Off-Site 500 GB Included Storage MBACK $0.13/GB $55.00
Off-Site 1000 GB Included Storage MBACK $0.12/GB $100.00
Off-Site 2000 GB Included Storage MBACK $0.11/GB $180.00
Off-Site 4000 GB Included Storage MBACK $0.10/GB $310.00

Classic Backup Features


Only pay for what you use! Your backups will be automatically upgraded as needed to accommodate your specific needs.


Customize your backup policy to suite your unique needs using your backup control panel. Perform backups as often as every 15 minutes.

Cost Effective

Backup space costs money. By default, your backups are both compressed and incremental to keep costs as low as possible.


By keeping your backups in a secure, off-site location, Vivio gives you an additional layer of protection to keep your critical processes running.

R1Soft Software Features

Vivio is an official R1Soft CDP Backup Partner, and the R1Soft backup software is the best in the business. Vivio only limits the amount of space you use on our backup servers, and backup space can be easily and affordably upgraded as needed. Vivio’s Velocity Backup gives you all the features you expect from an enterprise-grade backup service:

  • Block Level, Low Impact
  • Control of Backup Frequency
  • Control of Backup Duration
  • Perform At-Will Restorations
  • Compressed by Default
  • Support for Backup Encryption
  • MS SQL Backup Support
  • MySQL Backup Support
  • Full Access to Backup Controls
  • SysOps Support On Request

Backups are Important!

If you haven’t reviewed your current provider’s backup policy, don’t wait to find out until it’s too late. Try Vivio today!