Why Vivio?

“Vivio” comes from the word “vitality,” which means “the capacity to live, grow, or develop.”  Every business begins with potential, like a tiny seed.  With resources and care, that potential can become a reality.  We strive to make Vivio the kind of place where your business can thrive and grow.

Our Story

In 2002, two friends, Jordan Michaels and Mark Keymer, decided to start a business.  Equipped with a web application and some basement office space, they stepped out into the wild frontier.  It wasn’t long before the duo grew frustrated with every hosting provider they tried and decided to host their sites themselves.  They purchased a T1 line, and Vivio Technologies booted up their very first servers.

Technology has changed a lot through the years, but our commitment to quality has remained the same.  We understand the challenges in finding the right hosting company.  At Vivio, you’ll find the hosting services you need and the friendly, helpful support you want.


Mark Keymer

Owner, President

As one of Vivio’s founders, Mark has been here from the beginning. After serving as CFO for eighteen years, Mark became Vivio’s President in 2020.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never settle. If you're unhappy with your Vivio account for any reason, simply cancel your account within 30 days for a full refund. No pressure. No risk. *Terms and Conditions may apply.

Backup Your Data Fast

Velocity Backups are powered by business-class SSD storage arrays - enabling you to backup, restore and manage your cloud backups faster than ever before.