The Power of Wind

Vivio is a proud Visionary Member of the Pacific Power BlueSky Renewable Energy Program.

Green Hosting by Vivio

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Member of the Pacific Power BlueSky Program

Vivio is proud to be a Visionary member of Pacific Power’s BlueSky Renewable Energy Program. (Find us in the BlueSky Partner database!) By participating in the BlueSky program, Vivio contributes to creating renewable energy within our region and the more significant task of sustainable energy practices within the hosting industry.

Naturally Rich Wind Resources

The Walla Walla Valley – where the Vivio Technologies data center is located – is rich in natural wind resources. Because of this, much of the efforts of the BlueSky program in Washington State have been placed on working toward increasing wind-generated power resources, such as wind turbines, throughout the Walla Walla Valley and the Columbia Basin in general. 

The Power of Water

Vivio Technologies is located in the relatively small town of Walla Walla, in Washington State. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Washington State generates more electricity from hydropower than any other state. Even more, by combining the power of wind, the power of water, and other renewable sources of energy throughout the state, the Washington State Department of Commerce estimates that 73% of the energy produced in Washington comes from renewable resources.

Check out this interactive map by Northwest Power and Conservation Council!

Washington's Clean Energy Transformation Act

In 2019, Washington state legislation established ambitious clean energy targets for utilities serving customers within Washington. The Clean Energy Transformation Act provides milestones to phase out the use of carbon-emitting energy within Washington state by 2045. And it’s through efforts like the BlueSky program that we can all work together towards using 100% renewable energy.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Vivio Technologies knows that Data Centers are a significant source of carbon emissions due to their intense power use. Vivio spends extra effort to make sure that our equipment is as power-efficient as possible. For example, we primarily use PSUs (Power Supply Units) that are 80-Plus Gold-Level efficiency certified in our servers. Moreover, our industrial air-conditioner units come standard with economizers, which take advantage of chilly weather conditions to supplement cold air feeding into our data center. This lowers our carbon footprint and makes our data center not only more affordable but also more environmentally friendly.

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