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Windows Hosting at Vivio

Buy Licensing or Bring Your Own License

Thanks to Vivio’s Partnership with Microsoft, not only do you have the option to purchase new, fully compliant licenses for hosting Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server on your Vivio VM’s, you may now also bring your own, existing licenses to your Vivio VM’s through the Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance program. No matter if you purchase new licensing or use your existing licensing, you will always get the same exceptional hosting experience you’ve come to expect from Vivio.

Buy Licensing from Vivio

Fast, Simple, and Fully Compliant Licensing

Buying licensing directly from Vivio means that you gain access to fully compliant Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server hosting where you only pay as you go with no upfront costs or long-term investments. You simply choose your Vivio hosting environment, select the plan that includes Microsoft Windows Hosting in with the cost of the service, and receive the hosting service fully pre-installed and licensed.

Bring Licensing to Vivio

Leverage Your Existing Investments in Licensing

If you’ve already made a significant investment into Microsoft Product Licensing for Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server, you can leverage Vivio’s Partnership with Microsoft by bringing those investments to the Vivio Cloud.

To bring your existing licensing to Vivio, the following options are available to you:

For Dedicated Hosting

Bringing your licensing to Vivio Dedicated Hosting couldn’t be simpler. Simply install your software and licensing like normal, and you’re all set! No additional steps are required for Dedicated Hosting using your existing licensing.

For Cloud Hosting

The Microsoft License Mobility Through Software Assurance allows many software licenses to be brought into a Vivio Virtual Machine. Full details of the License Mobility process are available below.

Microsoft License Mobility

How to Move your Existing Licenses to Vivio

All clients who wish to utilize Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance must complete a license verification process and Microsoft will ensure that your current licensing is both eligible and has active Software Assurance. To start the verification process and find more information about License Mobility, click the “License Mobility Website” button below to open a new window.

The License Mobility Verification Form has a section to provide information about the Authorized Mobility Partner. For this section, please use “Vivio Technologies” as the partner name, “www.viviotech.net” as the partner website, and “sales@viviotech.net” as the partner email address. Microsoft will send both you and Vivio a confirmation that you have completed the verification process. Microsoft allows you to deploy your software on Vivio servers up to 10 days prior to submitting the verification form to Microsoft. You are responsible for managing true ups and renewals as required under the agreement. Once Microsoft’s verification process has completed, please contact us with your Microsoft Agreement Number, Authorization Number, or Public Customer Number.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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