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Experience Vivio Velocity

Experience the incredible difference Vivio Velocity can have on your website or application. Velocity uses the most advanced hardware and software to provide the most incredible speeds you’ve ever experienced. Fully customized just for you.

New Product!

Introducing Velocity3, the newest addition to our Velocity line of products. It’s the fastest, most powerful hosting solution we’ve ever created. With upgraded processors, RAM, and hypervisor software, Velocity3 is a clear upgrade from Velocity. It’s also compatible with the latest operating systems. In early benchmarks, Velocity3 outperformed Velocity in single-thread performance by 74%!

Thinking about upgrading to Velocity3? Reach out to see if Velocity3 is the right option for you. (Not all configurations are supported at this time.)

Pair your Velocity product with your storage type . . .

Velocity Ultra Storage (Recommended)

Velocity Ultra Storage provides full speed to the NVMe SAN with no software-defined limits, supplying your server with the maximum speed available.

Velocity Standard Storage

Standard Storage on Velocity utilizes software-defined limits creating a performance comparable to traditional RAID 10 arrays. Standard Storage provides the resources you need along with the lower latency and triple-redundancy you’ve come to expect from our Velocity Platform.

Velocity Planner

Only pay for what you need! Velocity Cloud instances can be completely customized.
All new instances come fully updated with the most current software versions and patches.
Most Velocity Cloud instances can be ready to use in 1-2 standard business days.

Full Velocity Pricing Tables

* pricing may include specific software licenses

Velocity Linux Unit Cost /mo
Velocity Linux Cores 1 vCPU $4.50
Velocity Linux Memory 1GB $4.50
Velocity3 Linux Unit Cost /mo
Velocity3 Linux Cores VCPU $5.50
Velocity3 Linux Memory 1GB $5.50
Velocity Windows Unit Cost /mo
Velocity Windows Cores 1 vCPU $10.50
Velocity Windows Memory 1GB $6.50
Velocity3 Windows Unit Cost /mo
Velocity3 Windows Cores 1 vCPU $11.50
Velocity3 Windows Memory 1GB $7.50
Velocity Linux w/ Adobe ColdFusion Unit Cost /mo
Velocity Linux ColdFusion Cores 1 vCPU $10.50
Velocity Linux ColdFusion Memory 1GB $10.50
Velocity3 Linux w/ Adobe ColdFusion Unit Cost /mo
Velocity3 Linux ColdFusion Cores 1 vCPU $11.50
Velocity3 Linux ColdFusion Memory 1GB $11.50
Velocity Windows w/ Adobe ColdFusion Unit Cost /mo
Velocity Windows ColdFusion Cores 1 vCPU $16.50
Velocity Windows ColdFusion Memory 1GB $12.50
Velocity3 Windows w/ Adobe ColdFusion Unit Cost /mo
Velocity3 Windows ColdFusion Cores 1 vCPU $17.50
Velocity3 Windows ColdFusion Memory 1GB $13.50

The resources above can be mixed with the resources  and options below to create a server that has the exact resources you need.

Velocity Storage (NVMe + Triple Redundant data storage) Unit Cost /mo
Velocity Standard Storage (Software Limited MBps / IOPS) 1GB $0.10
Velocity Ultra Storage (No software limits on MBps / IOPS) 1GB $0.20
Managed Offsite Backup Service Plan Additional Storage Cost /mo
Off-Site 50 GB Included Storage $0.15/GB $10.00
Off-Site 250 GB Included Storage $0.14/GB $30.00
Off-Site 500 GB Included Storage $0.13/GB $55.00
Off-Site 1000 GB Included Storage $0.12/GB $100.00
Off-Site 2000 GB Included Storage $0.11/GB $180.00
Off-Site 4000 GB Included Storage $0.10/GB $310.00
Primary IP address assignment Subnet Cost /mo
Public IP - 1 Usable IP address /30 $1.00
Public IP - 5 Usable IP address /29 $8.00
Private IP - 1 Usable IP address (Used on private vlans) /32 $0.00

Experience the amazing

Vivio Velocity Features

Ultra-Fast NVMe SSD

Next generation NVMe SSD's operate 3-4 times faster than traditional SSD's and are currently the fastest production-grade storage available in the general market.

Fiber-Optic Networking

Nothing is faster than the speed of light. That's why Vivio uses multiple, redundant, bonded, fiber-optic networking between our storage and compute nodes. With Velocity Storage, there is less latency between storage and compute then there is in your PC.

Ultra-Fast Failover

Velocity Compute nodes provide ultra-fast failover times. It's a sad reality that hardware fails sometimes. This is why redundancy is built into the fabric of Velocity. When a compute node does, another compute node can be brought online within minutes, causing minimal down time to your server when disaster strikes.

Speed Unique to Vivio

Velocity Storage isn't your standard raid array. Specialized storage control software spreads your data over multiple drives on multiple servers, giving you exceptional redundancy and speed that is unique to Vivio. No one has a storage array exactly like Vivio does anywhere.

Epyc Compute Nodes

Vivio Velocity compute nodes are powered by AMD Epyc Processors, which provide best-in-class performance per watt than any other current processor.

In-Place Scaling

Infrastructure management can cause unpredictable down times to server hardware. With Velocity, we've built redundancy into the core product. With Vivio's Velocity, scaling no longer needs to affect you or your clients.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never settle. If you're unhappy with your Vivio account for any reason, simply cancel your account within 30 days for a full refund. No pressure. No risk. *Terms and Conditions may apply.

Backup Your Data Fast

Velocity Backups are powered by business-class SSD storage arrays - enabling you to backup, restore and manage your cloud backups faster than ever before.