Windows VPS Hosting

Vivio's Windows VPS Hosting is exceptional in every way

Windows VPS Hosting

Vivio's Windows VPS Hosting is exceptional in every way.
Monitoring by Default

Exceptional Monitoring

With Vivio's Monitoring by Default policy, there's no need to pay extra for third-party monitoring tools. You will always know whether your server is online or not, included free and by default.

Exceptional SysOps Support

Exceptional Support

Experience the difference of working with a hosting provider that's dedicated to your success. Vivio's US-based, friendly, and professional staff are always here to help you when you need it.

Backup by Default

Exceptional Backup

You won't find better hosting backup anywhere. With Vivio, you control how often backups are made, how long they're kept, and you are free to restore any file at any time with no hidden fees.

SmarterMail Available

An enterprise-class mail server for you and your users.

The Practical Alternative to Microsoft Exchange

Smartermail is a fully enterprise-grade email server designed to compete directly with Microsoft Exchange and related products. SmarterMail features industry standard virus and spam protection, mobile support, support for instant messaging, support for email archiving for SOX & HIPAA compliance, support for file sharing and collaboration tools, and a host of additional features designed to make your work environment simpler and more productive. Want to take SmarterMail for a "test drive"? Talk to us! We're happy to help and we'll work with you every step of the way.

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Exceptional Windows Hosting Features

Full Administrator Access

With full administrative access available to you directly through RDP, you retain full control of your Windows Server.

Full DNS Zone Control

Manage your DNS Zone directly while staying secure behind Vivio's public DNS servers slaving your DNS zone.

Full SQL Server Control

With your MS SQL Server hosted right on your Windows server, you never have to give up control of your data.

SmarterTools Pro

Receive a full production license for SmarterTools Professional Edition at no cost with your Windows Server.

ASP.NET Available

Develop powerful, next-generation applications with your Windows Server and the flexible ASP.NET language.

PHP Available

Need a popular application, like Wordpress, to run on your Windows Server? Vivio engineers can make that happen.

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