Monitoring By Default

24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring by Default
Monitoring By Default

Vivio's Monitoring By Default Policy

The Concept

Knowing whether your server is online and functional should not be a service that you have to pay additional fees for. As your hosting partner, we are committed to your success, so we provide robust tools and options for monitoring your servers completely free of charge. When you order a VPS or a Dedicated Server, Vivio will configure your initial monitors, then you can add new monitors, remove old monitors, or customize your existing monitors however you see fit, whenever you need, all for free and included by default. For Shared Servers, Vivio installs monitors for the core services of the shared hosting server. Should that server ever go down for any reason, our team is notified so the situation can be immediately addressed.

While 3rd party services or other hosting providers can charge you hundreds for server monitoring, Vivio includes it free, by default. That's the difference of working with a hosting partner that's committed to your success.

How Vivio Responds To Alerts

Self-Service Support

Under Self-Service Support, Vivio will setup and configure the initial monitoring for your server (as indicated in the table below). Notifications of down time are initially configured to be sent to your registered email address. If you wish to add monitors, remove monitors or customize the monitors we put in place by default, you are free to do so. We do not currently impose any limits on how many monitors you use on your account.

SysOps Support

Under SysOps Support, Vivio will monitor your servers using our custom internal monitoring servers. Our internal monitoring servers allow us to implement advanced monitoring techniques that are not typically included in server monitoring solution. Examples include monitoring RAM, disk space, load average, and more. Notifications from these monitors are sent both to you and Vivio. As a SysOps Customer, a Vivio technician will immediately respond to any monitor alert and attempt to correct the situation. With Vivio SysOps Support and Vivio's Monitoring by Default policy, your servers are constantly protected by experts.

Default Monitors for Self-Service Support

All accounts include Self-Service Support and as such the following monitors are created for all services. Once your service is created, you are free to add, remove, or change monitors however you see fit, whenever you need.

Windows Servers
Service Port Up Response
ping N/A ICMP response
http 80 200 Response
SMTP 25 220 Response
Linux Servers
Service Port Up Response
ping N/A ICMP response
http 80 200 Response
SMTP 25 220 Response
SSH varies TCP OK

Additional Monitors for SysOps Support

As a Vivio SysOps Support customer, you have the option of requesting Vivio create the following additional monitors for your account. Should a problem ever arise with any monitor you request we create for you, a Vivio technician will immediately look into it and correct the issue often before you even realize the service has been affected.

Port Monitors
Service Port Up Response
https 443 200 Response
cPanel 2082 200 Response
VirtualMin 10000 200 Response
DNS 53 OK Response
POP3 110 OK Response
ICMP 143 OK Response
...and more!
System Monitors
System Attribute Warning Level
Disk Space 80% Full
RAM Usage 99% Full
System Load Average Varies
Running Processes Varies
... and more!
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