Dedicated Server Hosting

Powerful, Affordable, Fully Configurable

Dedicated Hosting

Customizable, Powerful, and Affordable Dedicated Hosting.

Single Socket

4c/8t Xeon E3-1220v6 3.0Ghz
256 GB SSD Hw - RAID 1 Mirror
256 GB Backup Storage
Unmetered 100 Mbps Transfer

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Dual Socket

8c/16t Xeon E5-2620v4 2.1Ghz
256 GB SSD RAID 1 Mirror
256 GB Backup Storage
Unmetered 100 Mbps Transfer

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8c/16t Xeon E5-2620v4 2.1Ghz
256 GB SSD RAID 1 Mirror
256 GB Backup Storage
Unmetered 100 Mbps Transfer
Fully Managed Support
Citrix XenServer VM Manager

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All Dedicated Servers include Vivio's exclusive Monitoring By Default

While other hosting companies charge premium rates for monitoring, Vivio offers it free by default. Check it out

Server Hardware Excellence

Vivio maintains the ideal balance between quality and price so that you get the highest quality hardware that can fit within your budget.

Only Enterprise-Grade Server CPU's

Only the best Enterprise CPUs

Nothing Less than the Best

While other providers cut corners, Vivio makes enterprise-grade hardware affordable.

It's common for hosting providers to offer older, desktop-grade cpu's in order to provide ultra-cheap dedicated servers. Low-grade hardware is cheaper, and can result in higher margins if the hosting company markets it right. The thing is, you're better than that. This is you. This is your business. You should never have to settle for low-grade hardware when you can get better, enterprise-grade hardware, better support, at affordable prices from Vivio. You deserve it.

Higher quality hardware leads to a higher quality experience for your clients, which means higher returns, and increased ROI for you and your business. With Vivio, you get affordable, high-quality hardware backed by the highest quality support all working to help you succeed.

Flexible Supermicro Components

Select Your Style

Where other hosting providers lock you into specific hardware configurations, Vivio strives to make our Dedicated Servers and Micro-Cloud products configurable to your unique applications. Choosing Vivio helps you avoid system hardware lock-in. Need hardware not listed on our site? Just ask!

Environment Safe

Supermicro components are well-known throughout the computing industry for their stability and performance. What's more, Supermicro power supplies have achieved Gold or Platinum energy efficiency certifications on most models, so less power goes to waste during conversion.


Our Micro-Cloud Hosting Dedicated to You

Hosting ProvidersEasily offer your clients VPS Hosting by utilizing the Vivio Micro-Cloud Platform, backed by Vivio SysOps Support!

Business Desktop UsersThe Vivio Micro-Cloud is the perfect environment to manage your Remote Desktop Environments. Access your desktops from anywhere!

Development TeamsControl your own testing, staging, and deployment servers while working with a predictable, affordable pricing model that's easy to budget for!

Vivio Makes it Powerful, Citrix Keeps it Xen

The right tools to keep everything performing as you expect.

Powered by Citrix XenServer and backed by Vivio's expert SysOps Support, a Vivio Micro-Cloud Platform gives you the ability to manage and control your own private, virtualized environments. You can spin up and destroy Virtual Machines whenever you like, create images, take snapshots, and allocate resources however you need in order to accomplish your goals. If you're offering your clients virtual server hosting, virtual desktop hosting, or simply managing virtual environments for your own in-house projects, the Vivio Micro-Cloud was designed especially for you.

The Citrix XenCenter control program gives you easy access to manage your virtual environments. Control and monitor resource usage, take snapshots, create images, create and destroy virtual servers as needed. The XenCenter tool can also provide direct, console access to each of your virtual environments. Lose your virtual server's password? No problem, take care of business directly on the console with Citrix XenCenter. Need help with anything? Vivio's expert SysOps Support is always here to help the unique support requirements of your own private cloud.

Vivio Micro-Cloud Hosting
Vivio is an official Citrix Hosting Partner
XenCenter Resource Reporting

Resource Reporting

Use XenCenter to monitor the performance of each of your Virtual Machines - CPU (cores used), Memory Management, Disk IO, Networking Usage and Throttling are all available.

XenCenter Resource Controls

Resource Controls

Use XenCenter to control the how much of your platform you allocate to each of your Virtual Machines. Easily upgrade customer machines with a simple reboot.

XenCenter System Console

System Console

Access any of your Virtual Server's System Consoles using the easy and intuitive interface provided by Citrix XenCenter. Reset lost passwords, perform cold restarts, and more.

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