cPanel VPS Hosting

cPanel hosting is exceptional in every way

cPanel VPS Hosting

cPanel hosting that is exceptional in every way.
Monitoring by Default

Exceptional Monitoring

With Vivio's Monitoring by Default policy, there's no need to pay extra for third-party monitoring tools. You will always know whether your server is online or not, included free and by default.

Exceptional SysOps Support

Exceptional Support

Experience the difference of working with a hosting provider that's dedicated to your success. Vivio's US-based, friendly, and professional staff are always here to help you when you need it.

Backup by Default

Exceptional Backup

You won't find better hosting backup anywhere. With Vivio, you control how often backups are made, how long they're kept, and you are free to restore any file at any time with no hidden fees.

Grow your business with cPanel & WHM

cPanel is designed from the ground up to be user-friendly and helpful. It doesn't matter what your background is in, or how 'tech-savvy' you are. If you have basic understanding, you can use cPanel.
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Take control of all your email accounts with forwarders, autoresponders, lists, and filtering.


Configure SSL, IP address restrictions, hotlink settings, leech protection, and GnuPG keys.


Manage all your domains, subdomains, parked domains, and domain redirects easily.

Wordpress Installer

Easily install the latest version of Wordpress with the cPAddons Installer.

File Manager

Create and edit directories, folders, and easily monitor your sites disk space usage.


Manage multiple databases for multiple applications using both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Backup Management

Take full control of your site's backups using the R1Soft cPanel backup plugin.

Server Monitoring

Manage current resource utilization with a host of day-to-day monitoring tools.

Useful Plugins

Hundreds of plugins help you find the right tools and widgets to get the job done.

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