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Managed Hosting or Unmanaged Hosting? You decide.

Shared ServersSimple, Affordable, & Easy-to-Use Hosting

Virtual Private ServersDedicated Resources at an Affordable Price

Dedicated ServersUltimate Power & Control

Vivio Micro CloudCreate & Manage Your Own VPS Environment

Managed DomainsYour address on the web, professionally managed

Mail HostingAccess your email from anywhere, on any device

Colocation HostingProtect your hardware in our facilities

Security ProductsSecure your servers using SSL, VPN, Firewalls, and more

Check out Vivio's exclusive Backups By Default policy

Powerful, customizable, free backup on VPS, Dedicated, and Shared with absolutely NO hidden fees! Find Out More

Server Hardware Excellence

Vivio maintains the ideal balance between quality and price so that you get the highest quality hardware that can fit within your budget.

Powerful AMD Opteron Server CPU's

AMD Opteron

Balance & Power

AMD Opteron CPU's offer the ideal balance between computing power and energy efficiency, giving you greater value for your money.

Burstable Performance

AMD TurboCore technology automatically overclocks specific cores when they are tasked with particularly processing-intensive threads.

Optimized for Virtualization

Opteron CPU's are specifically designed with heavy support for virtualized environments, giving you the power you need when you need it.

Energy Efficient

By down-clocking specific CPU cores when they are not in use, energy efficiency is increased while damaging heat is reduced.

Flexible Supermico Components

Select Your Style

Where other hosting providers lock you into specific hardware configurations, Vivio strives to make our Dedicated Servers and Micro-Cloud products configurable to your unique applications. Choosing Vivio helps you avoid system hardware lock-in. Need hardware not listed on our site? Just ask!

Environment Safe

Supermicro components are well-known throughout the computing industry for their stability and performance. What's more, Supermicro power supplies have achieved Gold or Platinum energy efficiency certifications on most models, so less power goes to waste during conversion.


Most products include Vivio's exclusive Monitoring By Default.

While other hosting companies charge premium rates for monitoring, Vivio offers it free by default. Check it out

Ultra-Reliable Kingston SSD's

Blistering Fast

Pure SSD RAID arrays offer performance increases up to 20 times faster than traditional RAID arrays. When you need fast IO, go with Kingston SSD!

Packed With Features

Kingston SSD's come with all the features you'd expect from a standard HDD, as well as additional tools to monitor and extend the life of your SSD's.

Hassle-Free Replacements

Should your SSD become damaged during it's service in your Dedicated Server or Micro-Cloud, Vivio will review and replace the damaged drive completely free of charge.

Pure SSD & Hybrid SSD RAID arrays


Hybrid SSD RAID arrays are where SSD's are used as buffers to help make HDD's IO speeds faster with data that you access regularly (explained in the video to the right). Vivio's VPS Platforms already utilize incredibly fast RAID 10 HDD arrays but we've added the SSD CacheCade to all our newer platforms to give you even better IO speed for your sites and applications.


Pure SSD RAID arrays use SSD's for both long-term storage and for buffering, giving you the incredible speed of RAIDed SSDs for every transaction.

Clarify "SSD Hosting"

Take special care and understand that when some hosting companies offer "SSD Hosting", it usually means you're getting "Hybrid SSD", not "Pure SSD".

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